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Get Immediate Answers to Frequently Asked Tenant Questions

  • How do you handle maintenance?
    We have 24/7 emergency on-call maintenance with customized vendor priority should you wish to use preferred vendors. So long as they are licensed, bonded, and insured for the jobs needed, we can use them! We can also work with home warranties.
  • How do you market a listing?
    We use our website, and free rental listing services to give your property the marketing coverage needed to reach all potential tenants. With 3D tours and on-demand showing tools, we deliver leading services to rent your property faster.
  • What are your services?
    We make it simple with only 3 services: management fee, leasing fee, and property inspection fee.
  • How do you screen potential renters?
    erhaps one of the most overlooked aspects of property management is Tenant screening. Simply finding a renter is only half the battle. If you end up with someone who doesn’t pay or someone who is going to destroy your property, you would have been better off having no one in there at all! This is why proper and extensive Tenant screening is so important and why we spend so much effort making sure the Tenant will respect and maintain your property. Some of the measures we use to screen potential Tenants include: -Rigorous, in-depth application -Credit check -Criminal background check -Record check to ensure no prior evictions -Verification of income and job history -Interview previous landlords to determine rental history
  • How can I see what’s happening with my property?
    We offer optional property inspection services that include an in-person visit to your property with assessments and pictures so you can see how your property is being taken care of. As an owner-client, you have access to an owner portal that features robust accounting report access so you can always see your property’s financial picture.
  • Are there any upfront costs?
    There are no upfront costs for managing your property. We get paid when you do after renting the property.
  • What is your fee structure?
    Fees are dependent on the property portfolio and location, they are competitive so please inquire today about how much they are for your property today.
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